Katie Holmes turned to Sandra Bullock for help

Katie Holmes turned to Sandra Bullock for helpActress Katie Holmes, who last month began the process of divorce from her famous husband, Hollywood star Tom cruise, turned for advice to my colleague and friend in misfortune - the owner of "Oscar" Sandra Bullock, informs NEWSru Israel referring to the show-the Star portal.According to the press, Katie and Sandra met several years ago at a party at their mutual friend, actor Keanu Reeves, and since then has maintained a good relationship.Two years earlier, the scandalous divorce Bullock, whose husband, leading Motorshow Jesse James, constantly cheated on her with multiple women, was hotly debated in the press. Katie Holmes felt that with a woman, worthy of the past through a similar ordeal, she should consult.The tabloids wrote about romantic stories of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes: in June 2005, he proposed to her at the Eiffel tower in Paris, and they married in November 2006 in an Italian castle.Tom cruise is currently one of the leaders of the sect of Scientologists, and his active commitment to that religion causes divergent responses.After his marriage to Katie Holmes cruise has taken under strict control of the personal life of his wife, in every way limiting its rights and freedoms: a young woman was forbidden a long talk on the phone and loved ones deal with it karaoke, sculpture, ceramics and drawing.Tom also did not allow his wife to walk to bars and restaurants. Katie could go shopping only after prior agreement with her husband, and to have fun together with him. For example, she was allowed to play with him in his favorite sports games together and learn to control the plane. Cruz also fully controlled career Cathy, allowing her to participate only in those projects which it has approved. Rumor has it that shopping was among the permitted pleasures just because Katie is very economical in choosing clothes and shoes.Despite the General's daughter, and six years together, all these years, she was suspected marriage of convenience, and little Suri press named "rosemary's baby": the natural timidity Katie Holmes and demonic image of a Scientologist cruise just reinforced this Association.However, Katie has repeatedly rejected husband: so she gave Suri in a Catholic kindergarten, after a particularly unjust attack cruise she left the house, and tried several times to move work away from Hollywood.Last week, Holmes said in an interview with the entertainment portal TMZ: it is certain that after the filing of the petition for divorce her husband will give their six year old daughter Suri custody of the Scientology organisation Sea Org, known for its strict rules and a fanatical devotion to religious dogma.Sea Org has at its disposal a special boarding school, where in conditions close to a military camp, home to children aged six years and above who were separated from their parents. Читать полностью -->

Oleg Tabakov became the head of the Council of Public television

Oleg Tabakov became the head of the Council of Public televisionFamous actor and film Director, artistic Director Moscow art theatre of a name of Chekhov Oleg Tabakov was elected Chairman of the Council of Public television, reports "Interfax" with reference to the press service of the Public chamber."Today a meeting of the Council, which considered a number of issues, including elected its Chairman Oleg Tabakov", - said the representative of the Public chamber.His deputies elected the Professor and host of "the smart" Yuri Vyazemsky and President of the Media Holding", the journalist Alexander Shkolnik, reports the website of the newspaper "Izvestia".The newspaper notes that Tabakov, speaking, spoke the voice of your character - the cat Matroskin "Buttermilk".The Supervisory Board of OTP was headed by the Chairman of the Presidium of the charity Fund of support of social programs "Mercy" Michael Ostrovsky. It is known that a member of the Supervisory Board became a sociologist Alexander Balls.We will remind, in July the President announced the composition of the Council on Public television of 25 people. Today at the first meeting of this body elected the Supervisory Board of the Public television of Russia (OTR).According to the Charter of the Public television, the Supervisory Board will determine the direction of the activities of the OTP, to approve the financial plan, to manage the endowment, to make decisions on the reorganization of television. And to approve the contract with the General Director of TV and the size of his cash compensation. The members of the Supervisory Board can form a separate Council for the use of endowment, to adjust the contract with the General Director of TV and the size of his cash compensation.Russian public television began to form in April 2012. In July approved the composition of the Board of OTP, the project Manager became the head of the International Academy of television and radio Anatoly Lysenko.Earlier it was reported that Public television in Russia will begin broadcasting not before the second quarter of 2013 and not January 1, as previously planned. Читать полностью -->

Ingeborga Dapkunaite anorexic

Ingeborga Dapkunaite anorexic Recently Lithuanian actress was spotted in Moscow on one of the secular awards dedicated to fashion and style. At the party, a 49-year-old actress shocked the public with his unnatural thinness.Yesterday, the paparazzi managed to capture a few images of stars on the streets of Moscow, photo Ingeborga looks even worse. In a thin woman with disheveled hair is difficult to see the star of the film, one of the most beautiful and stylish celebrities of Russia.However, the star does not give up and still thinks of himself as beautiful. On a secular party, she admitted that she take care of herself and pays no attention to age:"I always take care of themselves," she says, " I'm a woman, and an actress, so I just can't afford to look bad." Source: Ingeborga Dapkunaite anorexic . . . Читать полностью -->

Bari Alibasov was going to marry 25-year-old fiancee

Bari Alibasov was going to marry 25-year-old fianceeFamous showman and producer of the group "On-On" Bari Alibasov going to tie the knot for the sixth time. The artist doesn't care what his beloved 25 years, and he will soon turn 65.Sixth June Bari Karimovich Alibasov will celebrate round date - he turns 65. On the eve of this joyous event, the producer will celebrate one more, not less solemn: the wedding with his assistant Liliana Maximova. "Two days ago I did Liliana proposal, gave a ring in white gold with diamonds, although I hate it, myself jewelry never wear. This will be my first wedding with rings - all five were still without rings" - quoted Alibasov of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Bari Karimovich plans to sign in the summer, as soon as the repairs in his burnt-out apartment. Alibasov said: "Because I'm a pragmatist and an absolute realist, wedding ever is not widely celebrated. Читать полностью -->

Killed the President of the Luge Federation

Killed the President of the Luge FederationPresident fssr Leonid Gart died at the age of 38 years old in an accident. Presumably, the death occurred as a result of the tragedy on the water.President of the Federation of sled sports of Russia, died 24 June as a result of the tragic incident that occurred in Croatia, reports Life News. "Yes, a misfortune has happened, but until we know what exactly happened," said the representative of the Federation Mikhail Potapov. "We became aware of this this morning, around ten o'clock. The Croatian side has not yet announced anything concrete"."It's a terrible tragedy, and very sorry for the man, - said Potapov. "He was a very active person, so cool helped us. Читать полностью -->

Sidney Crawford on the cover of S Moda

Sidney Crawford on the cover of S Moda The super model took part in a new photoshoot in country style magazine S Moda. The authors of the photos were made by photographer Alan Gelati and editor of the journal of Fracesca Rinciari, stylesavvy images of the model.The journal Crawford appeared in outfits Mugler, Alexander Wang, Herve Leger and Versace. Perfectly complemented the images hair stylist Enzo Angileri and makeup artist Francesca Tolot.Agree, and exchanging 5-1 dozen, Sidney also good, as in my 20 years. And I will not say that this is a mother of two very grown children. Source: Sidney Crawford on the cover of S Moda . . Читать полностью -->

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